Monday, September 29, 2008

Election Stuff

I get very passionate about politics. I admit it. That is why I have tried this past year to stay away from politics. But that's impossible in a Presidential year so here I go with some of my thoughts. First, please do vote. I think it pleases God when we take an interest in the world that He desires to save. Second, be careful about why you choose someone. I have heard people be against Obama because he is a democrat and against McCain because he is old. Those are not reasons. Look at the issues God would care about. Compassion, courage, life, faith, honesty, and integrity. Both candidates probably have some of those characteristics and both probably lack some but those are the issues that are important to God. All I ask is that you pray about your vote, that you spend some time on it, that you don't vote against someone but that you vote for someone. I hope this makes sense. I have talked to way too many people who are voting against someone. God wants us to be positive and be able to be for the vote we cast. One more thing, everything is Spiritual. Thats right, everything. Every decision we make has a spiritual side to it from how many hours we sleep, what we eat and who we vote for. We like to divide our life up but that is not how it works.There aren't secular parts of life and religious parts. Also, feel free to impose your moral values on others. They are God's, so they are the correct moral values. And another one more thing, lol, don't let political views make you mad. I'm a McCain supporter. There, its out, but my relationships come first. Some of the dearest people to me in the world are Obama supporters and I still love not only love them but enjoy being around them. I may find their politics a little irksome and they probably do mine but I will respect them because they are precious to me and to God. While writing this I am thinking of the several lively political conversations I've had this year. I've loved every one of them and felt energized by them but it is nothing compared to the times I've been privileged to share the gospel. I guess I'm saying that it's good to vote but lets keep everything in perspective.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What does a man desire most in another?

Sounds like a silly question but I have the answer. What a man desires most in another is his kindness. This truth is found in Proverbs but if you think about it, it just makes sense. When I interact with another it makes a huge difference to me if I know I will be greeted with kindness and a gentle spirit. That type of response affects how I listen and how I respond. You can never go wrong with a kind word!