Saturday, December 27, 2008

. Cleaning out!

Today was one of those days that don't happen too often at our house. When I got up it was raining and my heart filled with joy. I'm not much for being snowed in and we were snowed in big time. I haven't driven a car in close to two weeks. I rejoiced in the rain and then my hubby realized we were more stuck than ever! Of course, it is temporary and I am still thrilled it is raining but my enthusiasm dampened somewhat. It was then that my Melody decided that we could tear apart the kitchen and reorganize it. I'm not much for that type of project but there wasn't much else to do and I had a willing partner so we had at it. 5 hours later and 10 garbage bags later the kitchen is looking much better and I discovered something about myself. I have always said I am a dumper but in reality I'm not so much. I found things I haven't used for years shoved back in corners and cupboards, taking up space that I could use for stuff that is really useful and that is crowding my counters. I think my life is like that also. I find myself too often remembering and dwelling on past events and past failures instead of honestly assessing my present life and moving on in it. My husband is thrilled (not so much) with the dumpload of garbage he needs to take care of, but he did notice the pantrys looking much neater. I wonder if it would be just as noticable if I could dump the past in the bottom of the sea where Christ says that it is? I bet it would. I think it would clear the way for doing what Christ would have me do now and clearing out present junk that also needs to be out in the bottom of the sea. I sure enjoyed my day with my daughter and I feel a burden has been lifted. I think I will try and spend more time on the present than in the past this next year and clear out all of my useless junk!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your clean-out project. What a great feeling. I love the analogy too...into the sea of forgetfulness!

Wendy Girl said...

I love that. I think that I may too try this. The forgetting, not the kitchen. Thats a bigger project than the other.