Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Older

Have you ever felt patronized or like someone was indulging you by listening to you talk? Sometimes I feel like I'm a child again and people are listening to me and in there minds patting me on the head. It comes with getting older. Somehow you get to feeling irrelevant. Lately I have been experiencing that sensation more often and realize it is something I need to fight. I may not be as young as I once was but I am not ancient either. It is the cry of this heart to be relevant. It is the longing of my whole being to serve the God I love. I realize I have been letting this feeling of irrelevance keep me from being all God wants me to be. I have not posted much lately and I think it is because I have felt a loss of voice. We are in the beginning stages of forty days of 24/7 prayer. I have to admit that I thought that was a bit ambitious but it is just what I need to begin my year. Today I had a good talk with God about life and am more sure than ever that I want to live, really live, every day that I have on this earth. No matter what age or place you are in life, that is what God wants of us. He wants our life so that we can live. Age may change what I do but it does not change what God calls me to do, follow Him. Whatever work He is doing in the valley this year I am going to jump right in.


Amber Rose said...

With age comes wisdom right??
Cyndi, honestly I have never ever thought of you as irrelevant..never ever! I'm not with you in age but all too often feel patronized, so I'm not sure it's an age thing..more like a lack of respect thing..hmm you given me much to chew on:)
Coffee/Tea next week??

Lateda said...

Cyndi, YOU are a pillar of wisdom in my eyes! Sometimes I think about a challenging situation and I wonder just what you would say! :)
You are loved by many.
AND.. I just love your posts:)