Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Computer woes and thoughts on being Spiritual.

I have decided that the internet plays a huge part in my life. I know this because this week I have been without it in my home and it has driven me a little crazy, sort of like a broken car. I don't know how to fix it and am beginning to wonder if I ever will and have been reduced to just having access at work. It is funny how discontented I became over not being able to go on the web, how it irritated me and affected my mood and with it my week. Today I finally calmed down and feel at relative peace with it. I have access at work and someday it will get fixed.

I have thought about how God is a part of everything and how everything is spiritual. We don't have a spiritual side or do spiritual things. The truth is, that God made us spiritual beings. It states in Genesis 1:27 that "God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him." It also says that we are the "ambassadors of Christ." That is to say we are the representation of Him upon the earth. If we are in His image and likeness and are His representation then it follows that every act has divine implications. Like what time I go to bed as an example. If I refuse to get enough sleep or rest that has implications on my mood, on what I feel like doing, even in how much time I waste or in how I choose to serve God. How about a smaller item like brushing my teeth. I think you would all agree that not brushing my teeth has divine implications. Do any of you want to be around me if I don't? Don't I limit my usefulness by choosing not to do that simple act. Likewise every decision from choosing to wisely discipline our children or spending money on a latte has a divine implication and needs some care in the making. Now, some decisions don't need a great deal of thought, such as the tooth brushing one, while others do, like making a major purchase or taking on a responsibility. It is up to me to take the appropriate thought for each one. This is not to say that everything is serious. Sometimes I am guilty of making things too serious. It just means that God is in the details, as well as the big stuff. God loves joy and desires us to be a happy, joyous, people. So that is also part of our image and likeness. God loves us to act in our design, as He does. Whatever He is, we should take after. He is good, He is joy, He is peace, He endures, He is love, He is all good, He is creative, He is life itself. That is what it is to be spiritual. It is to be like Him.

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