Monday, March 2, 2009

Hi Friends, This post feels like it will be a little random but we'll see where it goes. As most of you know, three of our churches got hit with vandalism. It was pretty disconcerting to see the broken windows on Sunday but it turns out we were hit lightly compared to the others. They did not get in the building. Tonight there was a prayer meeting at the Baptist church with all the pastor's in town and anyone who could come. What a sweet time. It was so hard after working all day and then grocery shopping to leave the house. I tried so hard to talk myself out of it. But I could hear God asking me what I would be doing at home anyway. Doing housework or watching TV or here at the computer, all of which will wait. I could have missed it and I am so glad I didn't . Pastor Dale is a gifted speaker and I so enjoyed the reminder that we are not at home here, this is an alien land and we will not be home until we get to heaven. He encouraged us to pray for our community while we are in "exile" here. What wonderful words. I came out feeling more encouraged and energized that if I would have stayed home.

On another note. Grocery shopping Dave Ramsey style stinks. I am trying to get used to half of my former food budget. The last couple weeks we had been using up staples from the pantry but Sunday when I opened the refrigerator I realized it was time to shop. I loved the fact that every purchase was planned and carefully considered. I was thrilled at all the stuff I decided we could live without. I didn't like when I went to the cash register and was over budget by $25. I still have a long way to go on my planning and buying. I am determined to make it work and my heart goes out to you that have several children all week. Mine are only home on the weekend and in the summer. I think sometimes that along with the Dave Ramsey class we should have a Dave Ramsey support group that will last and help us to keep going.

I want to end with the thought that we are so privileged to serve our precious Lord and encourage you all to remember that life is about Him and not us. We live in the land of me and it is easy to forget. Love you all!


Matthew Anderson said...

Stick with Dave...! Gazelle Intensity!!

Amber Rose said...

Oh I want to be in a Dave Ramsey support group!!
25 bucks over is nothing lady..just think of how much you would have spent if you were not paying attention!! Baby one ever said this was going to be easy..but in the end it will be work it!! I promise:)

Miss Charity said...

Yeeeees! I would proudly be a member of a Dave Ramsey support group after our 13 weeks. I couldn't come to prayer and was so bummed out...glad to hear it was so encouraging! Really, how could prayer not be, right? Just think next shoppping trip you may just be spot-on!

Wendy Girl said...

Maybe we should just meet 1/2 hr earlier on Sunday and have a little support group..LOL
Thanks for your prayer and support, Iam now finally working on my budget ;)