Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am so Blessed!

I am so blessed. Much of the time I am unaware of the blessing I walk in. Often I trudge around, feeling the weight of walking through this life, hardly radiating the joy of the Lord, choosing to dwell on the struggle instead of the blessing. This morning I was irritable. No reason for it, after all it is Sunday and I love Sunday, my girls were home for the weekend and we had a great time together. After church the girls and I were taking the Northwest girls, Nicole and Michelle to lunch like ususal. It was Michelle's birthday and I wanted to give her a great day since she is away from her family so I let her pick where we would go to lunch. She picked Red Robin which is also Melody's favorite and would be a treat. Small problem. It would leave me with almost no money for the week, but I felt a peace about it. My irritation was melting away so I figured God had a plan and that plan included lunch at Red Robin. Nicole called and said that some friends of ours wanted to come along and asked if it were okay which was great. It made for a very pleasant afternoon of fellowship and made Michelle's birthday even more special. After lunch our dear friends insisted on paying for our lunch. I managed to hold it together but nearly burst into tears. What dear friends and what a wonderful God we serve. I had no idea until that moment how stressed I was, which was good, and in that moment all that stress went away as I realized how good our God is and how well He takes care of me. Thank you God for dear friends (Thank you wonderful Shirley family), and for how well you take care of me. We serve such a wonderful God. I am so blessed.

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