Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhogs Day

Sometimes at night all I want is for sleep to come. I will stay up until I cannot stay up any longer, or so I think, and then I will go to bed and hope that I will just fall asleep. Today was Groundhogs Day. It was the first date that Bill and I chose to get married on and he always brought me home presents and flowers and a card. I always made sausage because it was ground hog. Sort of a sick thought but it was what I did. Today was my first Groundhog's Day without presents, without a card, without Bill and although we ended up getting married in August it was still like an anniversary for us. Last night I was worried about a lot of things and thinking much about Groundhogs day and how it would be and sleep would not come. Sometimes when that happens I reach my hand up out of the covers and just reach it up to the ceiling praying that God will take my hand and help me sleep. There are more nights now that sleep will come but there are still many nights like last night when I long for sleep and it eludes me; when I wish I could turn off the thoughts that run through my head and when I wish I were so much further along at appropriating the peace of God. Sometimes at night I think I can feel the touch of God when I put my hand up and I know that this small practice helps me fall asleep; I think because when I hold up my hand I am meeting Him. I miss my husband but my God takes such good care of me even in the stuff that seems so very small. I am most grateful.
I've been wading through deep waters
I've been trying to get home
The waves of sin they dash so high, sometimes I think I'm gone
When I think I'm going to sink I hold my hand up high
That great big hand of God comes down and takes ahold of mine.
Thank you Jesus

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