Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks of the Day

I am so thankful . I love that God has given me life, that he has entrusted me with it. I was reminded today that I have a purpose. Sometimes I lose sight of that and get caught up with the weeks to do list and the daily's of life. He says that He will complete the good work that He has started in me. I am in awe of that. For one thing, he sees good in me, crazy huh. He says that I am His workmanship, created for Him for good works. His good works. It says that He prepared tasks for me. I wonder how many of those I have missed. I can see my selfishness, how I want my own way. I see my fear, how I doubt that He will use me. I like to pick my own tasks and shy away from the ones that are hard. This year I have taken more risks, but there are more to be taken. I am thankful for a Pastor who always leaves me feeling pushed and convicted. I am thankful to work with people who inspire me and keep me stretching forward. I am thankful for the body of Christ, especially my family at MCF. I have felt this sadness these past few weeks at one of our families moving, but I was thinking tonight how healthy that is. We love each other, we are family. I think that is a good lesson to learn and so God, I think you should let them stay! I am thankful for a family who loves me and always has my back. I am thankful for hard lessons, for people loving me in the middle of all my imperfections. I am thankful for busy weeks and am thankful for quiet. I am thankful for the prayer room. I am thankful for blessings and eventually I am thankful for storms. I am most thankful for the mercy and sacrifice of my beloved Lord Jesus. Those are some of my thanks for the day.


Amber Rose said...

I'm thankful for you and your very special self:)

Wendy Girl said...

I am following Amber on this. I am thankful for you too.
Especially at FPU.