Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It is hard to grasp the concept of eternity. To realize that our earthly existence is but a moment in the vast space that is time is mind boggling. Knowing that we are poised at the presipice where people decide the direction of their eternity is hard to keep in mind when we get sidetracked in living in this moment. But keep it in mind we must. As Christians we must embrace a new urgency, we must choose to see the truth that is somewhat hidden rather than live our moment of this life as if this is all there is. The Apostle Paul rightly states that if we have hope in Christ in this life only we are miserable and so we are. We must be eternally minded or we will miss the opportunity we were born for. When we are saved we are translated into the Kingdom of God and take on a new citizenship. We also take on a new focus in this life. Our time on Earth changes from the business of living to the mission of glorifying God and connecting people to Him. For me that translates into seeing each day as an opportunity and every encounter as part of a divine appointment. The more we approach life with a mind that is set on God the easier it is to see those around us as He does. As I take the time to listen to those around me God shows me ways to minister to them and show God to them. It is life that is so much richer and fuller than living merely by a calendar. It does not happen by accident and I find myself having to remind myself to stop, listen, and see what is around me each day.

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