Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soccer Camp, Day 2

I have been reading in I Thessalonians this week. Today was chapter 3, all about suffering and affliction, and of course I wanted to skim through it. Suffering is not fun and I didn't feel much like reading about it today. It was too hot to read about affliction! But I stopped as I read that Paul was comforted in his afflictions as he saw the faith of the Thessalonians. He encouraged us as believers to grow and abound in love for one another. I know why. It is because it is the encouragement of each other that gets us through every affliction in our lives. One other part stood out to me. It was that God is establishing us as unblameable in holiness before God. Sometimes I believe the lie that since I'll never be perfect I don't have to worry about it. Everywhere in scripture God encourages us to press harder, aim higher, work harder, be like Him, and throw off the weight of sin that so easily takes over. This brings me to thoughts gleaned at soccer camp today. Under the blazing sun God spoke to me about himself through this camp. I am not a bit athletic as you all know. But God spoke to me while watching our camp leader, Matt Rainey encourage both the kids and us about being better and striving to be the best we can be. Matt is one of those guys who while encouraging the kids in soccer is encouraging the kids and leaders to excell in character and in Godliness. He uses the sport of soccer to teach us to press higher to be the best we can be. While he is obviously athletic and a great soccer player he understands what is most important and is using what he loves and is good at to proclaim Christ. He is sure to be met in heaven by many who found their Savior at soccer camp. Which brings me to the question. What do we love? What in our lives and gifts can be transformed and used to bring others to Christ? It may not be an obvious thing, but God gifts us and makes us the way we are for His glory and not just for our personal use. This week I have been and am being blessed by Adventure Soccer Camp. It is ministering to me as well as the 45 plus kids. Me at soccer camp, a strange combination but a good one.

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