Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soccer Camp, Day 3; Fresh Air

"And now we live, if you stand firm in the faith." So states Paul in I Thess. 3. Sometimes when I read God's word I don't feel like I am finished with it. That was the case yesterday with this passage. This verse kept coming back to me and I read it over and over again. I was struck at how we affect each other by how we live. I am so encouraged when I see my fellow Christians serving God and standing firm, when they make serving God the meaning of their lives and the passion of their existence. It is as if it breathes life into me. I can see what Paul meant by his words. Watching those around me exercise faith and passion pulls me through the afflictions of this life that Paul also addressed in this chapter. It is like fresh air when I am feel the drag and sludge and smog that is this world. This was day 3 of soccer camp and I love working together with other believers to bring Christ to kids and hopefully their families. I was moved by Mr. Matt's obvious passion and call and encouraged by his obedience to that call. I am encouraged as I see the enthusiasm of the volunteers that are laboring in the hot sun and the kids who are turning out and having so much fun. I know it is breathing life into me this week, much needed life. I am glad that I am privileged to work at Adventure Soccer Camp for the week. I feel blessed to have that life of the gospel poured into me and out into the kids who are coming and the other volunteers. What a blessed and exciting week!

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