Monday, January 11, 2010

Daniel Fast, Day 2

I am such a wuss. I woke up thinking about chocolate cake. I don't even like chocolate cake all that much. It is like if I know I can't have something I want it. By the end of today I felt filled with anxiety, had a headache and wanted to sleep. All this after one day of a Daniel Fast. A Daniel fast is a fast where I can actually eat. I am not deprived at all but you wouldn't know it by how I was feeling. When I got home today I was feeling so anxious. I started cleaning like crazy (a good thing) and I ate some salad while I made my dinner of rice and veggies. At some point it dawned on me, duh, that this fast is not just about not eating but it is about drawing near to God. I put everything on hold, got down on my knees and prayed. I prayed over my list we all put together of things we desire to see God do. I confessed how far from holy I am and how sorry my attitude is. I asked God to forgive me and help break the chains of food and every other chain that binds me and keeps me from the place God has for me. I thanked God then, for his mercy which I need in abundance. I asked forgivness for my pride that so often thinks so much better of itself than it should. I asked God to help me through this. If you are on this road with me I am sure you are doing better. I have struggled with food issues my entire life. But I also know that unless we give equal time to the prayer part of fasting it will all be for nought. After praying I felt like a weight had lifted off of me. He is so good! I am praying that we see the power of the Spirit released, the only power that will break our chains, that we will forge deeper commitments to our God and know Him in a way we never have before, and that our church will grow and prosper.

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