Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life Trek, Forgiveness, and Rob Bell

Great night at Life Trek talking about anger and forgiveness, watching a Rob Bell Nooma DVD. He has such a way of putting things in perspective for me. While he talked about how forgiveness is about letting go and allowing God to deal with people, and about not letting what others do to you effect who God made you to be he took it a step farther. He shared that true forgiveness happens when you are wishing that person well. I think sometimes we think we've forgiven people when in truth we are just sitting back and waiting for God to get them or at least for them to have to suffer the consequenses of what they've done. But God doesn't do that. God forgives us and gives us life. God forgives us and tosses our. sins into the depths of the ocean and remembers them no more. God forgives us and provides for our sin while we are still deep in it. I am afraid that too often, especially in my recent past, I have not lived in that kind of forgiveness. I am guilty of allowing the sins of others to affect my today. There have been days that I have wanted justice more than mercy but I thank God that God didn't want that for me. I am thankful that mercy always triumphs over judgment and the goodness of God is shown in His boundless forgiveness and grace. So grateful to walk through Life Trek together with a great group of kids. Praying that each of them find the God of forgiveness that I am so privileged to serve.

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