Friday, March 18, 2011


I have been studying the topic of hell this week and it has been a good reminder of its reality. Hell is a very real place where way too many of those we love, family, aquaintences, and the faceless of sea of those we don't will end up without Christ. Mostly I don't think about it. Mostly I live my life out without concerning myself with this ugly reality. Mostly I am selfish with my faith. It has been sobering to say the least. It has lit a fire under me to pray and do whatever I can to reach people for God. It has woken me up. Lately I have been complacent, doing my job, dealing with life at home and huge changes in my personal life. But really, I don't have time for too much of that. In Japan this past week, thousands went to eternity in an instant, most without God, most without hope. I know from experience that life can change in an instant. Our eternal destiny can change in an instant as well. When we invite others to church we give opportunity for lives to change in an instant. When we share with others the reason for the hope that is in us we give opportunity for lives to change in an instant. I am asking God to help me focus on His mission this year, apart from all other focuses and really give my life to Him, not just in part, but all of it. It has been good to be reminded. Life is fragile, but also eternal. We have work to do.

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Patricia said...

Thanks for the reminder to look at the world through His eyes.