Monday, August 24, 2009

"If God were Real"

We were born to serve a real and living Savior. "He who comes to God must believe that He is." There it is, a far from simple concept put into simple words. Most live as though they question this concept. They lives that are far from the adventure God wants them to have. I know a little of this as I so often fail to live the adventure of a life abandoned to God. I have been reading in Hebrews, a book that is rich and one that scares me when I come to it. This time was no exception. I approached it unwillingly and even thought about skipping ahead and coming back to it later. I did not allow that and so entered this book that is rich with the meaning of what it is to be a believer. It tells of our history and of entering into the rest of God. It speaks of being a living sacrifice and throwing off the weight of sin that keeps us from joining the throng of "those the world is not worthy of" in Chapter 11. I loved it as I remembered that I am but a pilgrim here, without roots, planted in God and meant for His glory and service. How grateful I was for those words that make sense of my chaotic messed up life. I am His and He has a purpose and adventure for me. In his book, "If God Were Real," John Avant challenges us to live the adventure of belief. He states truthfully that Christians often make the mistake of believing that going deeper with God means learning more about the Bible, going to church more, or studying with other believers. He believes that all of these exercises actually make us more sleepy in our Christianity and leave still "unconscious of what God wants." The truth is, you and I were born for more than Bible studies and church services. We were called to action. God compares us to soldiers in a battle. He urges us not to get entangled in the cares and affairs of this life and to lift our eyes to an eternal perspective. He urges us to realize the end of those who do not believe and live with passion. It is not easy to go against the prevailing culture and tide of religion but we must. Avant says that we must become "disillusioned" if we are determined to live a life that is genuine and embraces the reality of God. We must throw off the shackles of religion and ask for more. The true and real God of this universe will give us life, adventure, and the joy of doing His work for Him. Because we are soldiers it will not be easy and there will be casualties among us, but we can walk confidently knowing that He has already obtained our victory and we are destined for eternity. God is real. It is time that we embraced Him for all He is and all He desires for us.

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