Monday, August 31, 2009

Seeking God

My daughter recently got a new and bigger ipod which was pretty cool for me because I got her old one. Minus the music that is. I was very excited and for a few days put lots of songs (38) on my new device. I am sure that 38 songs is actually a pretty lame number but it is a strange mix of songs that speak to me. One of my favorites at the moment is "What do I know of Holy." For me it speaks volumes about my life as a disciple. The older I get and the longer I walk the more I see in myself that I know so little. I am beginning to see that our lives are not about this earth at all which is a bit unsettling. My life is about putting on Christ, being his ambassador, and bringing His Good News to all those around me. I mean, I would have always said that, I think we all say that. But I don't live like I believe that. I have forgotten how lost I once was and how lost those around me are. My life is cluttered with to-do lists and multiple distractions too numerous to name. What do I know of Holy? It is a good question. I have challenged myself to spend the next 40 days seeking God. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do it or what it will look like but I am going to do it. I need more of Him because life is hard. I need more of Him because many around me are lost, I need more of Him because He is life and He is the ultimate answer to every question. I need to learn to fast because the Bridegroom is not here yet. I need to pray for the needs all around me. I need to know Him who gave me life and is the keeper of my days.

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