Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are you Living or Dying?

We cannot live a holy life without the Spirit of God. He gives us the power to live and to serve. As my pastor states, we can either live daily, or die gradually. I think the point of this is that we will die without living in the Spirit. In Romans 8 God tells us that "those who are in the flesh cannot please God." It goes further in saying that "the mind set on the flesh is death." I had to ask the question of myself, Am I dying slowly, or growing daily? Most days I walk forward but there are enough days where my flesh gets in the way of the Spirit that it is a question I need to ask. Thankfully, that is part of the ministry of the Spirit to us. He convicts us of sin and leads us to repentance. It is He who draws us, comforts us, leads us. The only danger is in ignoring Him. It is when we ignore Him that we lose that life, that we die that death. If we allow the Spirit to turn us around, if we yield to Him when He directs, we have no fear. Some days will be better than others but if we let the Spirit be in control we will grow daily with no fear of death.

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Anonymous said...

I find this post very encouraging!