Sunday, February 15, 2009

FPU thoughts

I feel strangely hopeful tonight. This after going to FPU. I am seated at a great table. I am able to be honest about my mistakes and failures and not feel foolish about it. This week we have to make the big cash flow budget. If you haven't heard of FPU it's the cash flow budget is a budget where every dollar of the month is spent before it is spent. In other words you know where your money is going. What a concept! It sounds hard and scary and one more place where I open myself up for failure but I'm going to do it. Whats more I feel like I can. I honestly do. Last week I was feeling less hopeful about it all. It seemed like we weren't getting started very fast but I can see the reason for preparation before starting now. Baby steps. They are important. Now I feel like we are going to start. On another note I am praying that this will be a better week. I have been sick more often this winter and for some reason have been battling some slight depression. Not major but I covet your prayers if you think of me. Also pray that I will be able to get this budget figured out. When they announced the average debt per person in the room this week I realized that I have to get my act together and that God is so good to give us this chance.


Wendy Girl said...

I love being at your table, and so does Brad.
We are feeling a little better about it too.
Hang in there. Iam pretty sure we will make it.

Amber Rose said...

You are like a gazelle!!! Keep it up!:)

Miss Charity said...

All of our valley's are different, but we're ALL walking through them together. I thank God for FPU right's HARD, I can't say that I like it, but our family needs it...I'll be praying for you. Just know, that's it's a struggle...for all of us, your not alone :)