Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Bachelor

Okay, I am going to step on a few toes and that is probably fair since I am judging soleby on word of mouth and commercials. I know this program has been more popular this season since there is a guy from Kirkland who is the "bachelor." But you know what this program is. It's everything God did not design for starting our relationships and it is bothering me a little that I am hearing of Christians all caught us in watching this. First, the program is about shallowness. No one on that show, at least in the commercials looks normal. They are beautiful. Nothing wrong with beauty but the last time I went to the mall and looked around there are more plain, as opposed to beautiful, people out and about. I don't want my girls or the young ladies at church thinking that is what normal is supposed to be. God created us and His creation is good. Second, the show is about rejection. Now, I know they are setting themselves up for the rejection, but rejection is ugly. It is not Godly. God did not mean for women or men to be lined up in a dating game to be cast off one by one. I don't see any basis for this in scripture. Dads and moms often arranged marriages and while I don't see the need to go back to that I also don't see God wanting us to try people out. Third, it toys with the hearts and emotions of real people. We are made to feel emotion and to save our hearts for our husbands and wives. This playing around like it is a game cheapens love. It's not right and I don't think we should watch it. God said in ICorinthians that it is not only commiting sin that is wrong but that it is a sin to enjoy watching another commit sin. When we watch television we need to keep this in mind. I know I have to be more careful about what I allow. It does affect us whether we realize it or not and it certainly impacts our children and what they will believe later.


Amber Rose said...

Oh Cyndi I sooo agree with you!!!
Great post!!

Miss Charity said...

I couldn't agree with you more. We really do need to teach and prepare our kids for "real" life, and that is not it. Well, at least God did not intend for it to be that way. Our job is to teach and lead them in His way...thanks for speaking out :)