Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Entering into Heaven's Dance

Life is all about making God known. It is knowing God's story so well, taking it, putting our story within God's story, and then encountering others and telling, showing, and being God's story to them. How wonderful it is when we are not merely saved from something but saved to something. What joy it is to be part of heaven's dance and to enter in and spread the wonder of it all! To spend our days in passion for the God who created us and gave us life. We get mixed up sometimes. We try to do a method or find something that works. That is not what Christ is. It is God sending His Son to restore our relationship with Him and then us joining Him in what He is doing. I am never more filled with joy than when I am sharing my relationship with God and entering into that relationship with others. I am so grateful that I am part of the story and that no matter where this journey takes me, as I stay with Him,it is a good story. It may seem bumpy at times and I may slip into a pit once in awhile but I have Him to wander with me, get me up, shake me off and redirect me. In return I have the privilege of being His expression on earth. It is the heavenly relationship that my heavenly Father and I dance through in life and forever.

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