Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I came close to feeling like something was impossible today. It was scary. I nearly always believe in possiblilities. I believe in the almightiness of God and the reality that He is always at work. I know the reality of both good and evil. But I believe in the almighty God and He is stronger than the enemy. A lesson in this can be seen in an episode in the life of the Prophet Jeremiah (read Jeremiah 32-33). God called him to do what seemed absurd, utter nonsense. As Jeremiah laid out his concern before Lord in prayer, we hear God ask: I'm the LORD, the God of all flesh, is anything too hard for Me?Yes, He is the God who sometimes calls us to invest in the impossible, trust for the ridiculous and wait for the miraculous. He says to you too: Yes, My child, I am calling you to do that which I've shown you. It seems impossible, but remember that I AM. We are broken men that are serving a perfect God. He is the God of the impossible.

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