Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I had a happy-sad day today. One of the girls in my High School class ran away and won't be back. I felt so disappointed and sad. She had just committed her life to Christ last week and I felt sure she meant it. I had been careful to stress to her the importance of counting the cost of committment and what it would mean before she made a decision so I felt so good and excited and now she is gone. I know I should be happy that she has heard the word and knows the way, but I hunger for people to find Christ. I feel driven to draw them in as though time is short. Of course, time is short. Even Paul saw that time was short. The Bible urges everyone that today is the day of salvation and tomorrow is not promised. Ifear for these young kids who feel they have so much time ahead of them to make decisions and do not realize it could be over in the blink of an eye. It was also a happy day. We had an end of the year party, played Apples to Apples and laughed until quite literally, some of them fell to the floor. It was good and I needed it. Leaving I felt lighter, still sad and disappointed, but knowing that my job is to love them, tell them the way and the word, and give them to God. I won't give up on that job and I am determined to see them all in heaven one day. Some days are harder than others but God in His mercy gave me smiles and laughter just the same.

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