Friday, May 8, 2009


I wish I was one of you wonderful photographers. Tonight I was driving home from Monroe and I saw the glory of God, well, at least a picture of it. As the sun went down and lit up a field of golden flowers,(weeds most likely) it also was shining on the darkness that was the weather towards Sultan. While Monroe had sun today, GoldBar was dark and cloudy. With the sun on it I was reminded of how God shines in the darkness. It was still dark, you could see that the weather was dark ahead but the sun gave it a brightness and beauty that took my breath away. It reminded me of how the sun shines in our darkness because God is there with us. He is. I don't always see it but He is there. This week I was encouraged by several dear friends when I desperately needed it. The words of God about taking each day and not looking ahead were precious to me. We need each other. We are each others sunshine used by God to help each other through the storms of life. Challenge: Take the time this week to intentionally encourage at least two people. Ask God to show you who and how. You will also be encouraged and energized as you do.

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Wendy Girl said...

I love it when its dark on the Mountains with rain and the sun gets bright.
We always run out and Look for the rainbow. The excitment that I feel reminds me of being a little kid.