Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time with God

We have the most awesome prayer room at church. Today I was feeling that inner turmoil that at times comes upon me and was so grateful I could go there and pour out my heart to God. It is a quiet place with no distractions. When I am there I can't see the housework that needs done or the massive amount of work that I need to be getting to. It is just me and God. I was able to cry out to Him all the things I was feeling and tell Him how deeply I need Him just now and by the time I was done and on my way home my spirits had lifted. Time with God. There is no replacement for it. You can distract yourself with television, movies, hobbies, or housework but they cannot take the place of the presence of God. Nothing changed in my circumstances but He calmed my spirit, lightened my mood, and left me refreshed. Whether you have a prayer room you can run to or a corner of the house that is quiet, don't miss that time with Him and when you feel that disquiet and turmoil of the spirit, instead of distracting it and hoping it will go away, go to that place and cry out to Jesus.

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