Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Life is a battle. Tonight I heard about 3 young kids who are sleeping in cars out of just one teacher's classroom. 3. 3 kids who don't feel safe, battle fear, perhaps hunger, and who question the future. Tonight I sat in a room of great kids and had to hear them tell me they aren't quite ready to serve God. Tonight a dear friend was struggling. Tonight I know that someone I am learning to love is struggling with a huge adjustment in her life. Tonight I am going through my own personal battle. I felt the warfare all around me tonight. I felt the enemy as he tries to take us, snatch us and our children, fill us with doubt and despair. I felt it and went to the prayer room because God is bigger than the enemy. I am going to pray for these young kids and who knows how many more that are like them. I am going to pray for my small group like never before because time catches us to everyone and the moment of salvation is now. I am going to pray for my dear sisters because I love them. I am going to take my struggle to the Lord. All around us a war is waging. Have you entered the battle or are you content on the sidelines watching. Are you struggling with your fellow soldiers or are you ready to lead a batallion. I am weary but ready. God is stronger than my weariness and his power is make perfect in my weakness. I am plenty weak so I know he can use me as a soldier. Please enter the battle, you are all needed. There is a lost and dying world at stake and wounded soldiers who could use your help and encouragement. Press on, never surrender.

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