Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love without Conditions

The idea of unconditional love is far more attractive that the actual practice. Think about it. Love without conditions, whatever the circumstance, whatever the cost. I am amazed that our God offers this to us every day. The only condition required for the love of God to triumph in our lives is for us to offer our lives to God. Even without that condition being met God loves us. The word of God says that "while we were yet in our sins" Christ died for us. What does that mean for us? We are called to love like Christ, to love our children, our mates, our neighbors, our friends, our enemies when they hurt us, in betrayal, in their sin, in whatever place they are in. I have had the opportunity lately to see how far I am from hitting that mark in my own personal walk. It is hard to react in love when you are reeling in personal hurt. It is hard to not make everything about me. It is hard because I am selfish, I count the cost to me. People are messy and their sins and failures affect everything around them and regardless of that, God calls us to love. We walk through a minefield in this life, with storms threatening all around us at any given moment. We know we have been translated from death to life when we can walk through those minefields and commit to that same love to each other that God gives to us.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Yet, thankfully, we are held in the fiery trials as a much loved child, easy to forget when we are reeling in pain. It is when we know we are loved by God we are able to love others. There is a reason He is called the God of all comfort, it is because we need to be comforted. We need that when we are in pain and so we invite Him in and His Holy Spirit brings us His peace and rest in our times of trouble if we ask Him to.

Thanks for writing and sharing.