Monday, April 20, 2009

Close your Mind (A Little)

I loved our Pastor's sermon on temptation yesterday. It was relevant to everyone. One part that I especially loved was when he talked about not watching programs that talk about Christianity from a skeptics viewpoint. I have done some of that this year, reading debates between believers and non-believers about evolution and the existence of God. I have to tell you, it is dangerous. It opens up little places of doubt in you about what you believe. When you have truth, study truth. The Bible tells us to be students of the Word for a reason. When you study what is true it becomes alive in your spirit. When you read what is false, done logically, it opens up doubt that God never meant for us to wrestle with. The Bible says that when we come to Him we must believe that He is who He says He is and that He will do what He says that He will do! Amen! When you study the truth it is truth that grows in our hearts. When we study falsehood, doubt will creep in. I am making it a point to reject that which isn't true. I will live my life a little close minded. Being open minded can be a tool of the enemy. Not about everything, of course, but about God. My mind is made up and it is closed to other competitors!

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Miss Charity said...

I too have made the decision to be more closed minded when it comes to the enemy and his "doubt" laden viewpoints. To allow discussion is to allow question, which always leads to deeper doubt. I want to have that deeper discussion with God and His truth, not doubting it. Thanks for your post...I always love reading them :)