Sunday, November 30, 2008

I long to see Jesus again

I long to see Jesus again. I long to see Him afresh, moving in my life. I long to feel the joy of the Lord, to sense the contentment of being able to settle into whatever His will is for my life at this moment. I long to sense His presence, feel His touch, know that all is working together for good. I long for the gentle breeze of the Spirit of God to blow freshness into my life and calm my anxious heart. I need His strength to compensate for my weakness. I long to know His wisdom for the questions not yet answered. I long to see Jesus again. I don't want any day to feel too ordinary. While most days are full of ordinary routine, they are made by God and filled with purpose. I don't want to be stuck, but rather to be watching for what God is doing around me, ready to jump in and be part of the story. I don't want Jesus in my head, I long for Him in my heart. I want to be part of mercy and justice. I want to give until there is nothing more left. I want to past the point where I am hurt by others. I want to be so heavenly minded that I can be of earthly use. Today I am fighting the flesh, feeling a little angry, a little hurt, and upset that I am feeling those things. I want to leave all my darkness behind and walk in His light. I long to see Jesus again.

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