Monday, November 3, 2008

On election's eve

God is in control. Of course I know He is. But of course I would rather be. I've been thinking about how what I think is best isn't always best. Sometimes a nation needs to go through the worst to see God's best and come to Him. Sometimes He is merciful and gives us what is not only what we see is best but right and God blessed as well. And of course, sometimes I am just plain wrong in how I look at things. I have been perusing Christian blogs this evening trying to get a pulse on what the body is thinking and I was pleasantly surprised. Most people are not talking about the election at all. They are too busy being focused on Christ. Thank you Lord for people who keep their eyes on you. Help me to to remember that whatever happens tomorrow, it will all be for my good, because I love you and that is what you have promised. Thank you Lord for the body of Christ that I am all too often cynical about but that is very much alive. Thank you for the love of Christ, His precious blood, for the redemption of my sins. Thank you that you are in control even when I want to take the reigns. You are the I am, the Alpha and Omega, all powerful, ever present, Almighty God. Amen

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